CLASS  10th   CBSE

Maths & Science are covered in this curriculum. Classes for English and SST are also available for students who are interested in them.

 200+ hrs. of classroom teaching :

It helps students in grasping and clearly understanding the concepts at a comfortable pace.

  1500+ Practice questions:

Solving questions from NCERT & other reference books helps students reinforce the concepts.

 50+ Chapter wise tests:

It helps the students in identifying their strengths & weaknesses & to improve on their weak points.

 10+ Full portion tests:

It gives students the necessary confidence to appear for the final exam & keeps them mentally strong.

  Practice Session & Doubt Solving sessions:

Students sometimes face issues while asking their queries during class, thus doubt solving sessions help the students in asking their queries. Practice sessions help them in clearing the concepts and reinforcing their applications to different problems.


A 30-Day revision just before the boards refines all the concepts of the students and prepares them for the board exams.